WebGL demo (Javascript, WebGL) The first steps towards a WebGL game. The focus was on rendering. Forum (PHP / Javascript) My own homemade forum.

This forum does not use any third party code (other than google analytics), or other other assets.

It features inline editing, posting and many other things though the use of AJAX. Furthermore, it supports syntax highlighting for bb code while typing, and also supports syntax highlighting in code blocks (not while typing). testing zone. This page contains a lot of test code, demos and other proof of concept code. Sedordle Wordle like game inspired by and League of Legends patcher (Java) A patcher for League of Legends. This patcher is significantly faster than the one provided by Riot Games. Minecraft clone (Java / OpenGL) I made this only to see if I could. I implemented most of the things I was interested in and then stopped working on it. This project was meant as a learning experience.

Note that the linked video is slightly outdated.
Whatsapp statistics (Javascript / SVG) Statistics for whatsapp chats. Shows information like percentage of posts for each user, popular post times, and more. Bounce (Javascript/Canvas) Small physics simulation including gravity, friction and collisions. Maze (OpenGL/Java) A game in which everyone starts out as a human, with degenerating health. They can walk around the maze picking things up to increase their score. After they die, they become zombies, which can still pick things up, but can also attack humans to further increase their score. After everyone dies, the game ends.

This was a group project for school, so the credit doesn't entirely go to me. It may also still contain bugs, and it is only fun when playing with friends.
XUPWUP's tower defense (Javascript/Canvas) My take on a tower defense game which includes pathfinding.

It even includes a reference to a certain mind game.
HopHop (Javascript/Canvas) A simple game where you have to avoid hitting walls or prickly things. This was my first canvas experiment.

It's not much more than an experiment though.
Graph layouting (Javascript/Canvas) Force based graph layouting. HAX (Javascript/Canvas) An awesome tool to make you really feel like a hacker. Well... maybe.

Usage: Start typing one key on the right side of the screen. Type the first three characters then enter, then the second 3. This opens a console where you can type "help", among other things.
Regex helper (Javascript) A tool to help you type regular expressions. Its main feature is syntax highlighting for the regular expression.

Furthermore, it highlights the characters that matched.
Sparks (Javascript/Canvas) Spark simulation. Moving the mouse generates sparks that fall down. Stopwatch (Javascript) A simple stopwatch for your browser. Name generator (Javascript) Automatically generate names! Some example names:

Chroma hash A small demonstration of a chroma hash. The idea is to have a small color indicator accompanying a password field. This indicator shows a color representation of the hash of your password.

This avoids filling in a password incorrectly.
HTML preview (Javascript) A simple script that lets your browser render whatever HTML you paste in the textarea. Useful whenever you have some other program that outputs HTML to somewhere other than a browser. Word statistics (Javascript) A script that calculates how often each word occurs in the given file. Useful whenever you write a large text, to check whether you use a certain word too often. Slideshow (Javascript/Canvas) A simple slideshow in javascript.